Cricket gear sponsorship

Cricket gear sponsorship

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PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer full sponsorship to anyone that is not currently representing international U19s, first class, List A or State T20. If you are  a budding cricketer and looking for a sponsorship but are representing age group cricket for your state we can only offer part paid sponsorship. We will not be able to reply to applications that are for full sponsorship if you do not qualify for our sponsorship conditions listed above. 

One of the main objective of Sports Emporium coming into existence was to be able to provide good support for our local players including representative cricketers. The cricketers work hard to get into first class cricket and they put in a lot of hard work, blood and sweat to compete at professional cricket. Given we had good friends in the local first class cricket set up, we knew the sponsorships were hard to get in New Zealand and even if they did they did not get sent the gears that would suit playing at a professional level. Often bats would break and they would find no replacement. Despite being sponsored they had to buy bats from elsewhere to make up for substandard gears provided as sponsorship.

Over the years we have done as much as we can to help this situation and often extended this to representative cricketers. You can’t blame the gear manufacturers either given our small market, cricket not being the “preferred” sport in the country and hardly few domestic cricket games are shown on TV. The only mode of advertisement for cricket gears is sponsoring the players. You will seldom see TV ads, hoardings or any other popular form of advertisement for cricket gears because it is a fairly small market and not a consumable.

Given our involvement with Hutt Hawks we also knew parents had to pay a huge sum to get young representative cricketers suited up with good quality cricket gears. We have worked with the manufacturers to avail sponsorships to our local players some fully sponsored and some part sponsored. We have consistently increased the sponsored players list over the years in first class cricket.

We have also done our best to get part sponsorship for women cricketers and representative cricketers.

It is true that the representative age group cricketers and women cricketers still don’t get full sponsorships. Even if they did because of our relationship with the manufacturers often the gears were not going to be of the best range.

For now, we arrange for full sponsorships for first class cricketers in New Zealand and part paid sponsorship for domestic women and semi-professional and age group representative cricketers (from Under 17 and up) of one of the six domestic sides in New Zealand i.e. Wellington, Auckland, Canterbury, Otago, Central Districts and Northern Districts.

The part sponsorship discounts are sizable and value for money. We have set the part sponsorship for under women cricketers at $850 and partly paid sponsorship for age group and semi-professional (domestic 2nd XI) at $1250.

Below are the gears provided for partly paid sponsorship per year:

  Women first class cricketers Age group (upwards of under 17s
domestic sides) representatives and semi professional cricketers (Domestic
side 2nd XI)
Cost NZD $850.00 NZD $1250.00
Bats 1 English Willow grade A bat and 1
English Willow grade B bat
1 English Willow grade A bat and 1
English Willow grade B bat
Leg Guards 1 coloured batting leg guard 1 coloured batting leg guard of
your choice and 1 white coloured batting leg guard
Batting gloves 2 pairs of gloves, your choice of traditional
or split fingers.
3 pairs of batting gloves, your
choice of traditional or split fingers.
Kit bag Large sized duffle kit bag Large sized duffle kit bag
Protection 1 Arm guard and 1 dual thigh pad 1 Arm guard and 1 dual thigh guard

Conditions of sponsorship:

  1. We do not cover courier charges for players outside of Wellington. You can pick up your gear from our store personally and if you live outside Wellington and need it to be sent to you courier charges will need to be paid by you.
  2. We cannot guarantee all application will be successful but we will do our best to secure you one if deserving.
  3. Although you chose the brand that you prefer we may not be able to secure sponsorship for the specific brand at all times. We may give you options if a specific brand is not possible.
  4. Participating brands for full and part sponsorships are BAS, DSC, MRF, SM, SG and SS Ton.

Each application will need to be supported with the following document:

  1. Proof of the level of representation (not required for domestic first class cricketers) – A letter from the representative side coach or link to being part of the team. You should be currently named in the squad and the letter if applicable should clearly mention the side you are representing.

Please use the form below to apply for sponsorship.

    Under 17 ProvinceUnder 19 ProvinceProvince second XIProvince/First class side