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Who is Hutt Hawks and what’s that got to do with Sports Emporium?

Hutt Hawks is a touring club set up to provide serious cricketers, representative cricketers including first class and international cricketers a chance to expand their playing experience.

Hutt Hawks was formed and managed by the same folks that put together Sports Emporium.

History of Hutt Hawks goes well back over 10 years when some of the top age group cricketers in Hutt Area were growing playing cricket together.

Knowing the weather in Wellington these like minded young cricketers mostly between 6 to 14 yrs then, had very little game time given the weather in and around Wellington and the limited number of overs (mostly 20-30 over game) game they were participating in.

The kids were/are very keen cricketers and knew fully well batting 4 overs or bowling 4 overs in a game was not enough for them to enjoy cricket fully.

Many hands from the like minded parents and soon these kids were playing against different age groups, all around the country playing much longer format of cricket (mostly 50 overs), participating in many competitions such as Napier Tourney, Wanganui tourney and the likes.

Although the season would usually to start end of October for some of the younger lads, Hutt Hawks were playing against other regional rep teams from as early as September in the cold windy days in and around Wellington.

Despite the gruelling schedule (playing Saturday as well as Sunday) the boys never had enough.

The emphasis then shifted to training and from then to now, majority of the boys train throughout the year.

Positive parent involvement and many hands helping eventually Hutt Hawks had enough only playing against local New Zealand cricket teams and were eager to test their skills against teams elsewhere.

The first of the Hutt Hawks India tour was a grand success, some of the best cricketers from in and around Wellington participated in the tour. We had excellent results, great fun and soon realized playing cricket outside New Zealand was not only challenging but lot of fun.

Since our first tour to India in September 2010, Hutt Hawks has subsequently visited India over 18 times and contributed to a stronger cricket culture in Wellington and beyond.

Without having to name the names, Hutt Hawks has been richer, thanks to some of the best young cricketers in Wellington and to certain extent New Zealand that have played consistently under the Hutt Hawks banner over the years.

We are in no doubt, some of these lads will go on to achieve a lot in their respective careers, whether be it in cricket or otherwise.