BAS Cricket balls

BAS Cricket balls

BAS use the best in British hand finished leather from the tanneries in the UK. The alum tan process using aluminum salts, binders and protein sources, ensure the leather is strengthened and well protected with improved resistance against scuffs and damp conditions.

Ball making is a craftsman’s business with every ball constructed of 80 precise hand stitches. BAS production team are a 3rd generation of highly skilled craftsman. BAS Ball making involves 10-stage process from cutting, stitching and clamping through to quality control results in an incredible cricket ball with the feel and finish you’re looking for.

Bas range of cricket balls covers the professional game, leagues through to school cricket.

There are machine stitched and hand stitched available in BAS Test range cricket balls.

Also available in variations of Red, White and Pink in both sizes 142 grams and 156 grams.

The machine stitched balls have less pronounced seam as compared to hand stitched.

The reinforced core helps the ball keep shape way longer than any other ball in the market. These balls are as good as the ones used in international cricket.

There is this feeling in New Zealand and Australia that any ball that is not one specific brand is a bat breaker. That is not true with BAS balls, the UK leather ensures the balls are of correct hardness that doesn’t hit the bat hard and if you chose machine stitched with less pronounced seam the ball in fact feels much softer on the bat.

These balls are widely used in UK county leagues and without doubt they are fantastic balls priced probably half or less than other balls of the same quality or below in the market.

These balls still swing but not forever, about 8-10 overs ideally and also gives equal opportunities for the spinners to come into play make it an even play for all.

If you are an organization or a club or a school let us know and we will send a sample out for you to test.

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